designed to remove smoke from rooms
We select the necessary shape, components, electric drives for our skylights, depending on the required design data of the required effective smoke removal area of the premises.
From the moment of foundation to the present day
Medis-T LLC was founded in 2004.
Our trademark is a wide range of products offered, an individual approach, high professional competence and extensive knowledge in our field of specialization based on long experience in production and installation.
About Us
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Our company has been producing rooflights since 2004. These are special translucent products intended for installation in the roof of any type of building: commercial, residential, retail, etc. Their advantages, functionality, variety of forms and configurations make it possible to meet the needs of any customer. And the requirements of building legislation and fire safety are increasingly increasing the need to use these products both in the construction of new buildings and in the reconstruction of old buildings. In the conditions of energy dependence and the constant growth of tariffs for electricity and gas, when designing buildings, designers focus on the need to use skylights. Since, in addition to being able to ventilate rooms and remove smoke (through valves), our skylights make it possible to illuminate a room five times more than wall windows. And this is only thanks to our eternal free luminary – the sun!

Therefore, we are happy to produce our products for our customers, which give everyone more natural comfort in the premises.

About Us
Product types
light lines
Roof hatches
Spot skylights
Rooflights with smoke dampers
Skylights with ventilation valves
Antiaircraft lamps of the individual order
Deaf skylights
Vertical skylights
About Us
Completed projects
Vinnitsa warehouses
Kiev Innovation Terminal of Nova Poshta
Confectionery Lviv
Nikolaev warehouse complex
Warehouses Kharkiv
Supermarket Novus Vishnevoe, Kiev region
Highway Lviv-Rivne industrial premises
Private school Odessa
logistics complex “Nova Poshta” Vinnytsia
manufacturing enterprise, Olexandria citi
clothing and footwear store, Ivano-Frankivsk region
Horse arena, Kyiv region
Lutsk, tie-in roof windows
Nikolaev, plant “Sandora”
Cherkasy, car dealership and service station
Cherkasy region, vodka plant, pneumatic smoke removal system
Chop, “Skoda” car factory
Reconstruction – replacement of rooflights on a turnkey basis, a full range of works, Kyiv
Grocery supermarket — skylight windows with smoke exhaust, Cherkasy region
Equestrian sports complex, Kharkiv
Chips factory, Kyiv region, skylight 11800х6100 mm
Vinnitsa region, production and storage facilities, smoke extraction and lighting
A bakery in the Ivano-Frankivsk region, skylights with mosquito nets and valves for removing hot air
Industrial and warehouse premises, Odessa, light lines with ventilation valves
Kyiv region, a network of food supermarkets
the city of Mogilev-Podolsky, a full range of works on inserting into the roof of an existing production and warehouse complex, installation, insulation, framing and waterproofing of smoke exhaust skylights
Republic of Moldova, light line with ventilation/smoke exhaust valves
Vinnytsia region, manufacturing enterprise, anti-aircraft smoke exhaust lights with a fall protection grid — a full range of works
Kyiv, restaurant, skylights for lighting
Roof hatch, shipment to Lviv
Kyiv, grocery supermarket, skylight windows with smoke exhaust
Complex of New Post in Nikolaev
grocery supermarket “ATБ”in Vinnitsa
Warehouses in the city of Bucha
Greenhouse restaurant “Yoshi” Kyiv, completely individual project – a full range of works
Fitness club “Sport life” Cherkasy
Private store Ivano-Frankivsk region
Plant for the production of packaging “Tetra Pak” Kyiv
Lviv region, plant for the production of dry building mixtures
Cherkasy region, warehouse
Lviv region, production and storage facilities, smoke removal and ventilation
Kyiv, a network of grocery supermarkets, smoke exhaust windows
Mogilev-Podolsky, furniture factory, 1500 sq.m. skylights for smoke removal, ventilation and lighting
Moldova, “Target” warehouses, light line
Lviv, car dealership “Peugeot”, anti-aircraft smoke exhaust lights
Lviv, warehouses, light line with ventilation valves, automation, insulation and framing
Logistic complex, Rivne, lights for lighting, full range of works
Odessa, logistics and warehouse complex, anti-aircraft smoke exhaust lights
Kiev, logistics and storage facilities, smoke exhaust windows of various types
Vinnytsia region, production and storage facilities, smoke exhaust skylights
Kiev region, production and storage facilities, skylights for lighting with ventilation valves
Ternopil region, production and storage facilities, anti-aircraft smoke exhaust lights, opaque 32 pcs.
Large roof hatch (individual project), Kyiv, office space
The hatch of the exit to the roof of the sandwich panel type in the city of Uzhhorod
Kyiv region, grocery supermarket (chain of stores “Silpo”), anti-aircraft smoke removal lights
Zhytomyr region, production and storage facilities, anti-aircraft lights for lighting
Mogilev-Podilskyi, production and warehouse premises, anti-aircraft smoke removal lights 35 pcs. of various types, a full range of works
Why choose
We have been working on the market steadily since 2004;
Produced, delivered and
rooflights mounted
for more than 400 objects
in Ukraine and abroad;
Full support of the Customer at all stages of interaction, both before the production of rooflights and after their installation on the roof;
Only the best suppliers of components and automation, proven by the long service life of our installed products;
Company's news
MEDIS-T in Germany

Departure to Germany, to their production and office premises in order to check the quality of manufacturing, assembly and testing of electric drives and automation of smoke exhaust systems, ventilation …

Tape sticking tools

Our company is rapidly developing and introducing new technologies into its production…

New saw and vacuum cleaner

The main materials that we use in the production of our skylights are aluminum profiles…

New car

We have expanded our fleet by purchasing a new special vehicle “Volkswagen Crafter”

Skylights are special structures in architecture that are needed to illuminate with the help of the sun’s rays. The main feature is installation on the roof. They will be required in situations where the construction device does not imply or restrict the installation of other openings for natural light.
Since 2004, the Medis T company has been manufacturing similar elements for commercial, residential, retail and other types of premises. Main advantages:
1. Functionality.
2. Large selection of shapes.
3. Various equipment.
The manufacturer of anti-aircraft lamps “Medis T” recommends installation to all customers. This is due to the ability to quickly ventilate houses, exhaust smoke with a built-in damper, as well as a great option for lighting that will be 3-5 times stronger than conventional wall windows.
Skylights made in Ukraine will help make the room more comfortable, aesthetically more interesting. We offer not only the described type of goods, but also other types, including:
1. Light lines.
2. Hatches.
3. Lanterns with valves for ventilation, smoke removal, individual models.
4. Blind or vertical skylights.
Anti-aircraft lamps of the manufacturer “Medis t” are the best choice in the Ukrainian market and in Europe, with full customer support from the moment of order to installation and after installation in the roof.

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