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Product types
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Vertical skylights

It is best to buy anti-aircraft lamps in Ukraine directly from the manufacturer, which we are – “Medis-t”. Products have several types and depend on the specific client, his architecture. In this case, we can generalize and distinguish 2 main types:
1. Tape skylights.
2. Spot anti-aircraft lights.
Each of the described options is also divided into subspecies. This is what distinguishes the cost of our skylights. Dots should include:
1. Deaf designs.
2. Swing.
3. Hatches for exit.
They are also used in industrial buildings, houses and shopping centers to illuminate certain areas that are on any roof. Their task is not only the transmission of daylight, but also ventilation, smoke removal with a valve. Our company is ready to offer skylights for industrial buildings with a mechanical opening mechanism. They also serve as a hatch for access to the roof.
Anti-aircraft strip lights are more suitable for large rooms in which it is important to get maximum light. It is these skylights (Ukraine) that are ordered for shopping centers and industrial facilities, workshops, warehouses, etc. The price depends on specific purposes, the shape and type of opening, the presence / absence of valves.
According to the shape of the dome, there are flat, arched skylights, gable models. All presented goods and materials differ. The most popular are made of polycarbonate and aluminum profiles.