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Rooflights with smoke dampers

Skylights for smoke removal, in addition to lighting the premises, are mainly designed to remove smoke from the premises in a natural gravitational way. They must comply with a number of characteristics and are increasingly used in the construction of new facilities for various purposes:
1. Shopping and entertainment centers.
2. Logistics and warehouse complexes.
3. Office space.
4. Industrial premises.

Smoke exhaust skylights must have a quality certificate, a license and a number of permits for installation on the roof, pass a number of special tests for (thermal resistance, wind resistance, snow load, operational reliability, reliability at low temperatures) smoke exhaust skylights.

The smoke hatch is calculated by the designers, taking into account the use of the skylight itself, its size, quantity, and all this is done when designing smoke exhaust at the facility. Our employees select the required shape, components, electric drive for our skylights, depending on the required design data, the area of ​​the object.
At the same time, the smoke exhaust system also consists of smoke exhaust control units, fire start buttons, an electric smoke exhaust damper, rain and wind sensors, a weather station, ventilation buttons, etc. All this automation (manufactured in Germany, Austria, Denmark) our company can design, supply and, if necessary, mount on construction sites of various complexity categories in parallel with smoke exhaust skylights, which gives confidence to customers and designers in guaranteeing the full operation of the smoke exhaust system.

Since 2004, the specialists of the company “Madis-T” have been steadily manufacturing, delivering and assembling anti-aircraft smoke exhaust lamps. Such significant experience of the company’s profile work makes it possible not only to cope with various non-standard customer requests, but also to resolve various problems that arise with the customer in the process of providing the necessary scope of work during the construction of facilities (our company coordinates all actions with designers, metalworkers, roofers and other representatives customer). For all anti-aircraft smoke exhaust lights, the price remains acceptable, but is discussed individually, based on the project.

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Completed projects
Vinnitsa warehouses
Kiev Innovation Terminal of Nova Poshta
Confectionery Lviv
Nikolaev warehouse complex
Warehouses Kharkiv
Supermarket Novus Vishnevoe, Kiev region
Highway Lviv-Rivne industrial premises
Private school Odessa
logistics complex “Nova Poshta” Vinnytsia
manufacturing enterprise, Olexandria citi
clothing and footwear store, Ivano-Frankivsk region
Horse arena, Kyiv region
Lutsk, tie-in roof windows
Nikolaev, plant “Sandora”
Cherkasy, car dealership and service station
Cherkasy region, vodka plant, pneumatic smoke removal system
Chop, “Skoda” car factory
Reconstruction – replacement of rooflights on a turnkey basis, a full range of works, Kyiv
Grocery supermarket — skylight windows with smoke exhaust, Cherkasy region
Equestrian sports complex, Kharkiv
Chips factory, Kyiv region, skylight 11800х6100 mm
Vinnitsa region, production and storage facilities, smoke extraction and lighting
A bakery in the Ivano-Frankivsk region, skylights with mosquito nets and valves for removing hot air
Industrial and warehouse premises, Odessa, light lines with ventilation valves
Kyiv region, a network of food supermarkets
the city of Mogilev-Podolsky, a full range of works on inserting into the roof of an existing production and warehouse complex, installation, insulation, framing and waterproofing of smoke exhaust skylights
Republic of Moldova, light line with ventilation/smoke exhaust valves
Vinnytsia region, manufacturing enterprise, anti-aircraft smoke exhaust lights with a fall protection grid — a full range of works
Kyiv, restaurant, skylights for lighting
Roof hatch, shipment to Lviv
Kyiv, grocery supermarket, skylight windows with smoke exhaust
Complex of New Post in Nikolaev
grocery supermarket “ATБ”in Vinnitsa
Warehouses in the city of Bucha
Greenhouse restaurant “Yoshi” Kyiv, completely individual project – a full range of works
Fitness club “Sport life” Cherkasy
Private store Ivano-Frankivsk region
Plant for the production of packaging “Tetra Pak” Kyiv
Lviv region, plant for the production of dry building mixtures
Cherkasy region, warehouse
Lviv region, production and storage facilities, smoke removal and ventilation
Kyiv, a network of grocery supermarkets, smoke exhaust windows
Mogilev-Podolsky, furniture factory, 1500 sq.m. skylights for smoke removal, ventilation and lighting
Moldova, “Target” warehouses, light line
Lviv, car dealership “Peugeot”, anti-aircraft smoke exhaust lights
Lviv, warehouses, light line with ventilation valves, automation, insulation and framing
Logistic complex, Rivne, lights for lighting, full range of works
Odessa, logistics and warehouse complex, anti-aircraft smoke exhaust lights
Kiev, logistics and storage facilities, smoke exhaust windows of various types
Vinnytsia region, production and storage facilities, smoke exhaust skylights
Kiev region, production and storage facilities, skylights for lighting with ventilation valves
Ternopil region, production and storage facilities, anti-aircraft smoke exhaust lights, opaque 32 pcs.
Large roof hatch (individual project), Kyiv, office space
The hatch of the exit to the roof of the sandwich panel type in the city of Uzhhorod
Kyiv region, grocery supermarket (chain of stores “Silpo”), anti-aircraft smoke removal lights
Zhytomyr region, production and storage facilities, anti-aircraft lights for lighting
Mogilev-Podilskyi, production and warehouse premises, anti-aircraft smoke removal lights 35 pcs. of various types, a full range of works
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Skylights with smoke exhaust valves, in addition to lighting the room, are mainly designed to remove smoke from the premises in a natural gravitational way.

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