Smoke exhaust automation is a full-fledged complex for protecting premises in case of fires, based on a system of exhaust fans, as well as air processing elements. All this gives the flow of air into the object in the required volume.

For maximum control of the smoke exhaust system, the following options can be used:

1. Specialized exhaust fans.
2. Reversing equipment.

Automation of the smoke exhaust system allows you to solve the following tasks:

1. Eliminates the spread of smoke when it appears on other objects (premises).
2. Eliminates the spread of smoke to evacuation areas.
3. Automatic smoke removal systems help to instantly turn off the air treatment systems, while immediately starting the smoke removal mechanism.
4. Assumes Possibility
5. Automation for the natural ventilation system may include a manual drive, which will be useful if there is no power supply to the network.

Employees of our production will help professionally, expertly carry out the installation of smoke protection. We offer several types, among which automatic systems of gravitational smoke removal. Any type of service provides complete safety for people in case of fire objects. With the help of a well-thought-out system, dangerous outbreaks are quickly localized, and places for evacuation become safer.