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Our company is an official partner of Aumüller Aumatic GmbH (Germany), a manufacturer and supplier of automatic window opening systems, transoms, skylights for natural ventilation and smoke removal. Our employees have received special training in Germany on the products of Aumüller Aumatic GmbH, they have the competent knowledge and skills necessary for the supply, installation and service of the company’s automatic systems. We will gladly advise you and assist you in carrying out technical calculations in accordance with your requirements and the requirements of the customer. We can quickly and on time prepare commercial offers for you and arrange the delivery of Aumüller equipment from Germany. We organize all deliveries directly from the factory in Germany. And the experienced employees of our company will perform qualified installation or high-quality maintenance of the equipment at your request.

We have been using automation from Aumuller Aumatic GmbH (Germany) on almost all of our products (anti-aircraft lamps) for many years in a row and it has proven itself only on the good side: reliable, efficient, rational and modern.

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